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Getaway from cooking dinner... greasy fast food... and boring chains. Getaway with the entire family... good friends... a favorite couple or a first date. Getaway to a neighborhood café that offers an award-winning menu... delicious homemade favorites... a relaxing atmosphere... a full-service bar and excellent service.

Getaway from the ordinary and enjoy an extraordinary lunch, dinner or dessert at The Getaway Café.



About The Getaway Cafe

Established in 1993.

Owner Chuck Drago and his amazing team of chefs, wait staff, and bartenders carry on the tradition of making The Getaway Café a friendly and comfortable place where you can get a good table... and a great meal - every time!

The current owner, Chuck Drago, took over The Getaway Café in June 2017.

His professional background was in business spending over 40-years in financial, operational, and executive leadership positions.

Growing up in a large, tight knit, first generation Italian American family, Chuck was exposed to many excellent cooks including his mother Francesca, his father Charlie, his many aunts, and family friends. He learned cooking was an instinct, where ingredients were measured in the palm, by the handful, or by a pinch between two fingers. You knew it was right by how it smelled, and that it was done by how it tasted. He learned that the preparation of food was an expression of passion and of love. And like love, food is meant to be shared and with others, a celebration of friends and family each time you sit at the table. Chuck strives to carry this passion into every meal we serve at The Getaway Café and treat each guest like family. Food, Fun, Family is more than just an expression.